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Aloha, konnichiwa, bula vinaka, howdy partner, hola!

15 Jan

Thanks for stopping by our new and improved blog, documenting our love for partying!

….partying with nail polish, that is (and not just for the fumes, we swear).

We are a sister duo, whose love for nail polish was inspired at an early age by our dear mother (who is totally legit – she taught herself how to do her own acrylic nails and also taught us how to dye our hair at home and do awesome things with it).

We have lots and lots of friends who share our love for the art of manicuring, so hopefully they’ll be posting here and helping us out too!

We love you very much and hope to fill this corner of the internet with all things beautiful, nifty, cool, and humorous. Thanks for reading!

– R&S

we appreciate your patience as we get this blog all aligned the way we’d like it! thanks for sticking around!