Belated Christmas, and belated blogging!

2 Jan

Aloha y’all!
One thing I’d love to do this year is to document my manicures more regularly. I don’t get around to painting my nails as much as I would like, since I had a baby 10 months ago (yay!!), but when I do I’d like to have a record of it!

I used to have a dream that this would be a legit nail blog with a bajillion contributors and a consistent weekly posting schedule and I’d take super legit photos and make Pinterest-worthy tutorials but, hey, let’s not be so uptight around here! It’s a party! A NAIL party! Hahaha. For now I’m just partying by myself, but maybe someone else will bounce in time after time. We’ll see :)

So here’s my most recent manicure. Well, second most recent. I forgot to take a picture of my current one before it chipped :P Christmas stripeys!



Love, Rach


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