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Valentine’s Day!

6 Feb

I will readily admit that I am NOT the biggest celebrator of St. Valentine’s Day. It’s kind of cheesy. But for some reason, I like to go ALL OUT with my Valentine’s Day nails.

This year’s rendition is calmer than past years, but I am a huge fan!

IMG_2742 IMG_2743

I actually used Gelish soak-off gel polish in Hot Rod Red, and Need a Tan? – and a dotting tool to freehand the heart on my ring finger.
I am a huuuuuge fan of Gelish thus far. I’ve been borrowing my friend’s kit for the past while, and this time it finally pushed me over the edge. I’m purging my huge nailpolish collection so I can start anew with gels! They really just make sense over here in Mom-land. Zero dry time and up to two weeks of wear?! Helloooooo time saver! I can actually do my nails during naptime or right before I go to bed with no problems and I love it.

I’m trying to dig up photos of my previous Love Day manicures for your entertainment ;)

UPDATE: Valentine’s Day Nails 2011 (AKA The Most Obnoxious Manicure I Have Ever Done)

nailz 028

kawaii ne!

nailz 015

left hand

nailz 013

right hand

nailz 003 nailz 007


Spotty Rainbows

30 Mar

SURPRISE! I’m back in the nail polish blogging world!!

This morning as I was perusing Pinterest, I saw this lovely manicure by Goose’s Glitter:

Isn’t that just so awesome?! A colorblindness test, in a manicure! I love it! It totally inspired me to create a somewhat similar design on my own nails:

I love it. It’s so bright and happy! …and totally distracting, not gonna lie. :)

But that could just be because it’s been a while since I’ve done awesome nail art [I’m more of a “pick your favorite color and paint them nicely and maybe do an accent nail” kind of a girl].

Here are the products I used:

Bonding Basecoat [Salon Sciences], Wedding White [Confetti], Keys To My Karma [OPI], Aire of Orange [old formula Orly], Solar Power [China Glaze], Four Leaf Clover [China Glaze], Dating a Royal [OPI], Out The Door Topcoat.

You can use a dotting tool to create the dots, but since I don’t own a dotting tool…I used a round toothpick! If you file down the point [I used my glass nail file], it works like a charm. I used to use the toothpicks without filing the point, but that causes the polish to drag and not look as nice.

And a little extra for your personal enjoyment…some lovely wall art from my friends’ home where I am staying for a few days!

Sarah was an awfully artistic child, so I’m told :)

Thanks for reading!

— R

*Disclosure: The first photo is the property of Goose’s Glitter, I do not own it. Please go to her blog and view the original post. All products used were purchased  by me or given to me by friends/family, none were provided for promotional purposes.